Shelf trays

A shelf tray can have many different shapes. They can either be used manually or automated.

Independently from its shape, a shelf tray must be perfectly suitable to an automated packaging line. A shelf tray has to pack your products optimally in a cardboard box, must be stable on a shelf and showcase your products in the best way.

It makes it easier to put the products on their shelves and keeps the place when empty. A personalised sticker on the front would carry the communication with your client.

AMANDIS produces this kind of shelf trays for the best cosmetic labels and developed through the years a real know-how in producing this kind of packaging.

Every year, millions of shelf trays are produced in our factory and go to our clients.

Shelf tray with border:

A shelf tray with border looks quite good, is stable and cost-efficient to produce.

They are the best solution for smaller and medium volumes and can of course be integrated as well into a manual as into an automated production line. We have a perfect control over parameters such as the distance between two shelf trays that are stacked in another or over its ability to unstack without getting damaged.

You can also personalise your shelf tray in order to become more visible on a shelf. AMANDIS has its own labelling machine. This way, we have a huge capacity, and your stickers will be put more professionally and competitively.

Shelf tray with half border:

A shelf tray with half border is very attractive for bigger volumes because everything can be optimised, although tooling costs are higher.

The quantity of materials needed is much lower because the tray produces less waste and your products will take less place in a cardboard box.

Despite its shape, this kind of tray is remarkably rigid. It is slightly tight designed so that your products stand near to each other on a shelf.


Shelf tray without border:

A shelf tray without border is particularly cost-effective to produce because the quantity of waste is very small.

To be stable on a shelf and to assure a successful POS marketing, the tray must be large enough and placed in the near of other products presented in the same way.

As long as the cavities are not too deep, tooling costs will remain relatively low.