Protective covers for makeup sets

A protective cover for makeup sets is a small thermoformed piece made of APET or PETG, more rarely of PVC, and is placed in a makeup set between the mirror and the powder. It helps protecting the mirror against getting dirty from the powder in case of a building up of an electrostatic charge.

These protective covers have been for long made of PVC, however this material isn’t used anymore today. These small thermoformed pieces have to be produced as thoroughly as possible and with materials that are extremely thin and high-value. They have a thickness between 150 and 300 µm and are totally transparent or sometimes even white.

In some cases, protective covers are decorated with 3D-printing, hot stamping or silkscreen printing.

In order to be produced in the best way, its environment has to be truly dust-free. Its conditioning must perfectly fit to an automated packaging line that can also unstack. The protective covers must finally complete a testing phase which will ensure their perfect integrity.