Our values


AMANDIS has always paid particular attention to customer satisfaction.
Our reactivity, our strength of proposal, our proximity and our level of service are the main factors that ensure the loyalty of our customers.
Our reputation is the result of our seriousness and reliability.



AMANDIS is pleased to announce that it now relies on the VELFOR group. In an environment requiring more and more reactivity, evolution and therefore means, AMANDIS had to find a solution to guarantee its development and therefore its durability. This has been done! Since 11 February we have joined the VELFOR group!
The VELFOR group, with 250 employees and a turnover of 30 M€, will provide us with all the support and the necessary foundation while preserving our values. Indeed, this family group is a group of small structures (5 subsidiaries so far, we are the 6th) allowing each one to keep its own organisation, its technical know-how and its reactivity. Their values are ours and we will therefore be in the continuity of the partnerships that bind us to you: Listening, Support, Responsiveness, Expertise, Innovation, Responsibility and Sustainability.