ESD standard trays

Our ESD standard trays are available in the standard size of 280 x 380 mm and are made of black APET 50/100. You won’t have to bear any tooling costs and there is no minimum order quantity.

For this purpose, we use PS loaded with carbon, a material that has a surface resistance of between 100 and 10.000 Ω/cm. The electrostatic properties being linked to the material composition – and in particular to the carbon concentration – they are particularly constant over the time.

Such trays have quadratic or rectangular cavities and are available per full cardboard box. The price for one box includes delivery and value added tax if applicable – with a maximum of 15 cardboard boxes.

Thanks to our professional production and conditioning conditions, you will now have the possibility to deliver your products more professionally in GALIA boxes type C12, C13 or C14 that we can provide.

Volume discounts are available depending on the quantity of boxes you ordered. For more than 15 boxes, don’t hesitate to contact us – your order will constitute a special production, the conditioning will be adapted and the costs will be optimised.

Under the following reference table, you will find a calculation table that will help you to estimate your needs and will enable you to send us your order directly and attach the documents that are necessary to establish your account.