AMANDIS, an eco-friendly partner.



As part of the implementation of the National Pact on Plastic Packaging by the government, positioning itself at the heart of the strategy in the Circular Economy roadmap, we must be sensitive and active in the management of plastic waste in order to reduce its environmental impact.
This is why AMANDIS, anxious to fully commit itself to achieve a future of plastic that is no longer sustainable, offers you the opportunity to upgrade your noble APET shims to a recycled material containing industrial and/or post-consumer PET.
We would like to specify that a recycled APET material coming from an organised and operational sector (the most developed to date), among others for the treatment of plastic water bottles, will have a quality of transparency similar to a noble APET.


AMANDIS is indeed an eco-friendly medium-sized business.

Our concepts are eco-friendly. In this respect, we endeavour to use as little material as necessary and always choose recyclable materials where possible.

The entirety of our thermoforming scrap pieces (skeletal) is collected, carefully sorted and recycled, either for our own reuse of for selling to third parties.

In such, our partners integrate our scrap pieces into the making of a new sheet which is thereafter reused.

This very responsible and conscious approach does not however prevent 300 million tons of plastic from being discarded each year into our planet's environment.  1/10 of this amount alone is recycled. Circular economy can unfortunately not stop this status quo.

As of now, AMANDIS offers fully environmentally-friendly and compostable materials instead of petroleum-based products in many applications.

Please do not hesitate to make your requests and we'll answer immediately.