Food packaging and insert trays

AMANDIS has technically advanced machines, plant and equipment that allow them to be extremely productive without requiring high tooling costs.

This way, tooling costs won’t be an obstacle anymore for the beginning your project, even for medium volumes of some hundred thousand of pieces.

Food packaging and insert trays are made either of materials that have never been recycled, other of materials that have only partially been recycled. In this case, it involves multi-layer films and the recycled layer is placed between two layers that have never been recycled in order to avoid any contact with the food.

Food insert trays are principally made of single-layered or of multi-layered films that are made of one single material. However, food packaging trays have to be made of complex and multi-layered films as soon as there is a shelf life. This kind of material will allow to control its permeability with gases.

Such food packaging and insert trays must be produced under specific manufacturing conditions so that they fulfil the special requirements of the food industry and their packaging directives.

This way, dust, insects and other parasites will be keep out of our site of production.